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Pastor Johnny Scott

Johnny Scott

Are you ready to step into God's plan for your life? Tune in to the podcast hosted by Johnny Scott, the lead Pastor at Generations Christian Church in Tampa, FL. Join us as we dive into thought-provoking discussions on Marketplace Ministry, Business as Missions Strategy, and Connecting People to Jesus. 
Johnny is a dynamic pastor who is deeply passionate about sharing the Gospel with urgency. He believes in bringing the message of Christ beyond the walls of the church and into the marketplace. When he's not preaching, you might find Johnny enjoying a slice of cheesecake with his wife at The Cheesecake Factory or cheering on his beloved Denver Broncos, win or lose. He's a true music lover, with a soft spot for 80's hits and country music. And while he loves to indulge in a good book, he has a strict policy of never watching the same movie twice.

This Is Your Time to listen, learn, and grow in your faith journey.